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GI EQA circulation R 2010

R 01

Male 19 years

Large intestine. Colonoscopy showed approximately 10 polyps. 15mm stalked polyp in sigmoid colon snared.

Macro: Polypoid tissue piece with a diameter of 15mm bisected. All embedded.


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R 02

Male 19 years

Appendix. Acute appendicitis.

Macro: Inflamed appendix 9x1.5cm with an overlying exudate. A faecolith obstructs the lumen


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R 03

Male 41 years

Large intestine. 2.5cm tubulovillous adenoma snared lower sigmoid.

Macro: 20mm polyp with clearly defined stalk 7mm diameter and 8mm height


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R 04

Male 52 years

Large intestine. Altered bowel habit - colonoscopy shows caecal and rectosigmoid polyp ?hyperplastic polyp in ileocaecal region. ?adenocarcinoma upper rectum. (rectal polyp was mucinous adenocarcinoma T3N2)

Macro: Caecal sessile polyp 28x18x10mm


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R 05

Male 74 years

Large intestine. Right hemicolectomy for large polyp ? tumour in transverse colon.

Macro: Right hemicolectomy, pedunculated polyp 4 cms in diameter and with central ulceration. Uniform yellow appearance on cut surface.


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R 06

Male 79 years

Large intestine. Sessile polyp at 2cm from dentate line - snared.

Macro: Rectal polyp - a polyp 12mm maximum diameter with no stalk. The cut surface is solid and yellow.

Specials: Chromogranin, synaptophysin and CD56 positive.


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R 07

Female 41 years

Anus. EUA anorectum and fistulectomy. Chronic abscess and skin tag.

Macro: Skin tag 45x10x5mm.

Specials: BerEp4 positive and EMA focally positive


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R 08

Female 58 years

Large intestine. 3 o'clock anal polyp.

Macro: Polypoid piece of mucosa 10x8x8mm trisected


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R 09

Male 43 years

Small intestine. Small bowel resection.

Macro: Small bowel 80mm in length. A small polypoid lesion 12mm in diameter.

Specials: Synaptophysin, chromogranin and CD 56 all positive.


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R 10

Female 82 years

Stomach. Hyperplastic looking gastric polyps.

Macro: Gastric polyp 25x15x10mm.


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R 11

Male 61 years

Gall bladder (NON SCORING/EDUCATIONAL CASE). Gall bladder, necrotic pancreas.

Macro: Unopened gallbladder 80x35xx30mm containing a 20mm polyp and several small black gallstones


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R 12

Male 34 years

Small intestine (NON SCORING/EDUCATIONAL CASE). Small bowel intussusception. polypoid tumour of ileum.

Macro: Small bowel 180mm long including an untussusscepted segment with a 50mm polyp.


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R 13

Male 67 years

Stomach (NON SCORING/EDUCATIONAL CASE). ?stromal tumour ??carcinoma.

Macro: Wedge of stomach 90x60x30cm containing a 25mm tumour infiltrating the wall, 15mm from the stapled margin.

Specials: CD117-, CD34-, CD99+, EMA+, MNF116+.


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R 14

Male 69 years

Oesophagus (NON SCORING/EDUCATIONAL CASE). Aortooesophageal fistula.

Macro: Unorientated oesophagus 90mm long containing a roughened red area 20mm across and a nearby 11mm full thickness defect.


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