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UKLPG - background and constitution

Constitution of the UKLPG (June 2017)  word document symbol


The UKLPG developed from the UK Liver EQA Scheme and the liver subcommittee of the Pathology Section of the BSG, following meetings in September 2014 and May 2016.

The committee members were elected in June 2016.

There are three sub-committees responsible for education, quality assurance and research. Please see the UKLPG constitution for full details.

The committee membership in December 2017  word document symbol

The committee aims to meet three times a year, mainly by telephone conference, and the minutes of those meetings will be on this website.

UKLPG meetings:

Meeting 3rd July 2018  word document symbol

Meeting 13th March 2018  word document symbol

Meeting 30th November 2017  word document symbol

Meeting 3rd October 2017  word document symbol

Meeting 27th June 2017  word document symbol

Meeting 21st March 2017  word document symbol

Meeting 14th September 2016  word document symbol

Links to external organisations:

Royal College of Pathologists

BASL (full members of the UKLPG are granted honorary membership of BASL BSG)