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Problem solving in Pathology

Leeds University Pathology E-learning

Select a case

  A gastric ulcer in a young woman

  Duodenal pathology conference #1

  A stricture in the colon

  Breast pathology case #1

  A nodule in the stomach

  A case of rectal bleeding

  Anal inflammation in a young woman

  An ulcerated haemorrhoid

  Dysphagia in an asthmatic

  A man with weight loss and vomiting

  A man with malabsorption

  An unusual caecal mass

  A 'suspicious' ulcer in the oesophagus

  An adherent appendix

  A case of 'florid gastritis'

  A young man with a rectal ulcer

  A man with anaemia

  A rectal polyp problem

  Resection of a 'normal' appendix

  Small bowel obstruction in an elderly woman

  A polypoid tumour in the oesophagus

  An infarcted colon

  Enlarged folds in the stomach

  A 'worrying' nodule in the gall bladder

  A woman with joint pain

  Fissures and fistulae

  Caecal inflammation in a young child

  An unexpected polyp in the gall bladder

  A dilated colon in a 61 year old

  A woman with diverticulosis and a stricture