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Biomedical Sciences - PRINCIPLES OF DISEASE

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Week 5

Lecture outline

Infectious diseases are the commonest overall cause of death worldwide. The first lecture will introduce the students to the types of micro-organism found in health and disease, and describe basic methods of classification. The second lecture will describe the micro-organisms found in health (normal flora). The subsequent clinical symposium will demonstrate the ways in which these micro-organisms can cause disease, and the impact of such disease.

Microbiology 6

Created by Prof. Mike Dixon

Female age 28

Tissue: Skeletal muscle

The patient ate a large quantity of undercooked bacon while on a camping holiday. She developed vomiting, diarrhoea and abdominal pain a few days later. Her symptoms improved and she attributed her symptoms to 'a tummy bug'. Three weeks later (and now back in the UK) she developed headache, fever and muscular pain. Her condition deteriorated and muscle weakness became a major problem. She underwent blood tests and a parasitic infection was diagnosed. She responded well to treatment and had fully recovered at follow-up 3 months later. Had she undergone a muscle biopsy it would have revealed appearances similar to those seen in the accompanying slide.

This scene, from a long running Review at Edmonton's Varscona theatre, features a sketch in which (supposedly) '5-second' bacon is consumed. The actors are at risk of a particular parasitic disease.

 5second bacon.JPG


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