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Historic Cases

Historic Cases

The conditions illustrated here are actual cases from historical archives held by the University of Leeds Institute of Cancer and Pathology, Section of Pathology and Tumour Biology and created initially by the eminent Pathologist Mathew Stewart and continued by Rupert Willis.

The archive was started in the early 1900's and continued until the 1970's.

Samples were collected from all parts of the globe and sent to Leeds Pathologists both for their professional opinion and for inclusion into their reference archive.

The main archive has been digitised and is available under the JISC Collection title.

Historic Pathology Art

View our collection of stunning pathology images from the beginning of the 20th century, hand drawn / painted by medical artist artist E. M. Wright. View examples below or click here to view the full gallery.

Click here to view the full gallery

World War 1

Cases included here are part of the JISC collection and also archived material that was not digitised.

Some are diseases and conditions typically found among front line causalities and soldiers serving at the front.

The diary extract is from Professor Stewart who was a prolific diarist and records the day he attended the first causalities to arrive at Leeds Railway Station from the front line.

The Stewart Diaries are part of the University of Leeds Special Collections archive within the main University Library.