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How to adjust washed-out/too bright images in ImageScope

Some virtual slides appear to be washed-out or too bright when viewing them in ImageScope.

This may be due to the "Image Color Management" button on the ImageScope tool bar being activated - see the red box in the image below.

colour management button on

If you think this is the case then check whether the button has been activated. Look in the bottom left corner of your slide:


Is the symbol like this? If so, "Image Color Management" is activated.


To alter the behaviour, click the "Image Color Management" button on the ImageScope tool bar:

colour managemetn button off

So that the symbol in the bottom left corner is like this with a diagonal white line:


Notice the difference in brightness between the two large images above - the same slide with "Image Color Management" on and off - the bottom one is darker than the top one.