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Yorkshire General Histopathology EQA Scheme

The scheme is open to Histopathologists at Consultant, Staff Grade and Associate Specialist Grade who report general surgical histopathology independently.

Specialist Trainees are also encouraged to participate in the EQA for educational purposes.

The scheme consists of two circulations per annum, one in the Spring, usually February-March, and one in the Autumn, usually September-October. Each circulation comprises ten H&E stained histology sections, which have been submitted by the participants and deemed suitable for EQA by the Organising Committee.

General items

Current circulation

Previous circulations

Initial Results

Once the EQA circulation is closed the submitted diagnoses are collated to produce the initial range of diagnoses for each case in the EQA. The initial results of the EQA are discussed at the participants meeting prior to the production of the final EQA results.

Joining the Scheme

    If you are interested in joining the Yorkshire General Histopathology EQA Scheme, please take the time to read through the Participants Manual then contact the EQA facilitator at

Contact Details