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European Union Bowel Cancer Screening Pathology Recommendations

European Union Bowel Cancer Screening Pathology Recommendations

The following test site has been created to establish an initial, quality-assured repository for images illustrating the chapter on pathology in the first edition of the European Guidelines for Quality Assurance in Colorectal Cancer Screening.

The images provided here for reference have been reviewed by pathologists from at least three European countries.

We encourage colleagues to submit and give us permission to show further images which they feel could be instructive or otherwise useful in illustrating or further developing the European Guidelines.

We also aim to extend the scope of this site in the future to promote pan-European and international collaboration in training and in expanding the evidence base for further advances in colorectal cancer screening and diagnosis.

Phil Quirke, United Kingdom.
Mauro Risio, Italy.
Michael Vieth, Germany.
Rene Lambert, and Larry von Karsa, IARC.