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UK National Liver Histopathology EQA Scheme

This specialist histopathology EQA scheme is open to histopathologists in the UK and Ireland. Members include pathologists with a specialist interest in liver pathology working in hepatology centres, and also pathologists in district hospitals wishing to maintain and develop their interest in hepatopathology.

The primary purpose of this scheme is educational - to provide CPD material both to the members through participation in twice-yearly slide circulations, and to non-members through access to the virtual slides and PowerPoint summaries of previous open meeting discussions.


For convenience, the help for EQAlite participants is also available here  pdf document symbol.
This includes logging in, slide circulation, certificates, and slide submission.

Next circulations

Circulation LV commenced at the end of June, and is due to complete in September.

This will be the only circulation in 2020.

The circulation will be discussed in a virtual meeting on Thursday 5th November. Further details of this meeting to follow.

We are all learning about digital virtual ways of working this year. We plan to use this opportunity to pilot a wholly digital EQA circulation with responses submitted by drop down menu. Plans for this will be discussed on 5th November, and members will be invited to participate in a pilot which will not be included in the formal results of the EQA circulations.

Current circulation

Circulation LV for summer 2020 will commence in June and complete in September 2020.

If you have chosen to use the digital slides, your cell number will appear as '99' in EQA lite, and you have until the closing date of 18th September to submit your responses.

For those receiving the H&E glass slide box - we have grouped those working in the same department under a 'Lead Participant' for each place. Slides stay for 4 weeks, and you should all receive the reminder email when they arrive. It is the responsibility of the lead participant to ensure they are sent on to the next place on time. This way, each box has to go to only 2 or 3 departments.

General items

General information and detailed SOPs have been last updated in March 2014.
This 4th version was circulated to Liver EQA members in March 2014 and discussed and agreed at the Cellular Pathology NQAAP meeting at the RCPath in April 2014.

The SOPs have been revised again to reflect the changes in administrative arrangements for the scheme, These will be circulated to members for agreement prior to being submitted to NQAAP.

The earlier 2007 and 2011 versions, are saved in the EQA archive at the foot of this page.

New case submission form

  • Please submit new cases on line via EQAlite, using the link external site symbol and go to [submit cases], click on [new].
  • - we require 20x H&E sections and one slide of any essential special stains to be scanned and viewed on line.
  • For biopsies of chronic liver disease, please also send a glass slide of a connective tissue stain, so that evaluation can include the stage of the disease.

New Members:

The scheme is accepting new members who are consultant histopathologists in the UK or Ireland, who have responsibility for reporting liver biopsies in specialist centres or in a DGH setting. In the RCPath Tissue Pathways for Medical Liver Biopsies, is recommended that pathologists who are the lead for liver in their Trust are members of the scheme.

You can register for the scheme using the link external site symbol

Contact email addresses

  • Organiser: (Dr.Judy Wyatt)
  • Facilitator: Kara O'Connell
    (telephone 0113 2068935, email kara.o'
  • Facilitator cover (in Kara's absence): Jas Sond
    (telephone 0113 2068762, email

Previous circulations

Liver EQA archive