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UKLPG - membership

Full membership - is for members of the UK Liver Histopathology EQA Scheme. These should be UK Pathologists who have a specialist interest in liver pathology, or who work in district hospitals and with to maintain their interest in liver pathology. Applications for membership are made through the EQAlite system, on the liver EQA section.

Liver EQA members are automatically enrolled as members of the UKLPG, and for convenience the EQA scheme and UKLPG use the same mailing list.

Subscriptions: There is an annual subscription of £30 for membership of the UKLPG which is used to support and underwrite the educational activities of the group. This is recognised as tax deductable by the Inland Revenue. We ask members to pay this by direct debit, but will not enforce it. Instructions are here  word document symbol

There is a separate annual fee for membership of the UK Liver EQA Scheme which specifically funds the EQA scheme. For NHS consultants, this is normally paid by the employing Trust in which the pathologist works. This fee does not cover any other CPD activities.

Associate membership - is for pathologists who wish to maintain an interest in liver pathology but who are not members of the UK National Liver EQA Scheme. They will be on an email list to receive information about CPD activities in liver pathology. To become an associate member, please use this link

There is no membership fee for Associate members.

Trainee membership - is for trainees with an interest in liver pathology, who will also receive this CPD information by email. To become a trainee member, please use this link

There is no membership fee for trainee members.

Overseas membership - is for pathologists working outside the UK or Ireland, who wish to receive information about the UK Liver Pathology Group educational activities. To become a overseas member, please use this link

There is no membership fee for overseas members.