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Liver Pathology Seminars

A series of Seminars by Peter J Scheuer, Professor Emeritus,
Royal Free and University College Medical School
of University College London 2001

Many of us who trained in Liver Pathology during the 1980s and 1990s spent time working with Prof. Peter Scheuer at the Royal Free Hospital. In those days, he introduced us to the subject with a set of recorded seminars. These were in the form of a comprehensive set of glass slides accompanied by his teaching, listened to on a reel-to-reel tape recorder. He was a most skilled and gifted teacher, who could demystify the art of liver biopsy interpretation.

In 2004 I sat by Peter at the BASL dinner and asked what had happened to his tapes. "I made them into a CD. You could have a copy if you like". I asked if they were available on the web. Peter felt that the quality of images would not be sufficient for this to be possible. Hopefully, technology has improved enough now to overcome his reservations. With the support of Dr Louise Scheuer and Prof. Paul Dhillon, the seminars are available here.

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